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KDE Integration Project


Mission statement

The goal is to provide tight (but optional) integration of the OpenOffice.org to the KDE environment beginning with KDE look and feel and ending with KDE data sources.



OpenOffice.org Qt port was renamed to KDE vclplug.
SUSE supports this project by employing Jan Holesovsky (the original author and leader of this project) full-time.
Development version of KDE NWF available for download and made its way to the OOo CVS (branch cws_srx645_nativewidget1).
The pages are up and running. Most of the content from the previous cuckooo pages moved here.

Older news...


Name Screenshots Description Download
A KDE Part which allows OpenOffice.org to be run in a Konqueror window. Download
KDE vclplug
A port of OpenOffice.org that uses Qt for the implementation of VCL (instead of pure X calls), KDE dialogs, and KDE data sources. It is for 2.0 (680) codeline. Download
Implementation of Native Widget Framework for KDE. NWF allows OpenOffice.org to have the look of the host platform. It is for 1.1 (645) codeline, but it will be used in 2.0 as well. Download



It all began in July 2003, when the leader of this project read an article about Ximian's work on improving OpenOffice.org. The effort to do something similar to Bonobo OOo integration project (dead now) resulted in cuckooo, a KDE Part displaying OpenOffice.org in the Konqueror. Further continuation was the base for the KDE vclplug (former OOo Qt port project).



Help is very appriciated. If you are a programmer, please start with any TODO or FIXME in the sources, implement it or fix it and send the patch to the dev mailing list.

This project is sponsored by SUSE.