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January ~7th - More Novell engineers.

Ramesh Babu is working on community development and QA, Raul Siddhartha will be fixing up our web tools before moving onto the core, Vivek will be helping build packages of everything, and of course Krishnan will continue juggling spinning plates & managing things.

November ~24th - OO.o hacking bounties.

Novell announces desktop integration and tweaking bounties here.

October ~25th - Novell add engineers.

Novell are devoting more great people to working full time on OO.o, please welcome Anil Bhatia, Jayant Madavi & Amit Shoivake as they transition to the team.

September ~30th - RedHat hire DanW.

As above really, Dan Williams will be hacking on OO.o under a Red-Hat full-time - which promises to be great news for everyone.

September 5th - More magicpoint help.

Consultations with Nat revealed the existence of the carefully concealed 'Master View' button, updated the MGP users guide.

Older News...

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Tinderbox Build Status
cws_srx645_ooo111fix1 cws_fix645_ooo111fix2 mws_srx645
cws_src680_ooo20031110 cws_src680_ooo20031216 HEAD

For more information on branches, see the roadmap and codelines documents. You can also check build results for all branches. To create your own tinderbox, check the Tinderbox setup guide.

Browse Bonsai and Patches

You may look up the changes in the last week on the branches below:

cws_srx645_ooo111fix1 cws_fix645_ooo111fix2 mws_srx645
cws_src680_ooo20031110 cws_src680_ooo20031216 HEAD

You can download packages of OO.o here. These are tested to ensure clean builds.

Local web tools

Our patches to sync bonsai via cvsup, and a description of how to make LXR work on RH 8.0+ can be found here.